Phillip Micheal Thomas Quotes


Phillip Micheal Thomas, as Ricardo Tubbs used to have some classic lines in Miami Vice, but Phillip, known as PMT, has had some classics off the set too.  Check out the below quotes.

“Look deep into the mirror of your soul and discover a wonderful truth, the greatest book you’ll ever know is written and lived by you.”

“Good life is like good music. There are rests and pauses and melody and rhythm and lyric and reason and rhyme and love that last for all time. Music and all that it possesses is a multi-dimensional life itself. Not just a trip, but a round trip.”

“I’ve become greened, like money. I respect the position. I’m enthusiastic, as opposed to excited. Enthusiasm comes from the Greek entheos, which means “God-inspired”…I recommend fame, but with fortune. Otherwise, it’s a bitch.”

“Once you get to the mountain top that’s where you really begin to climb.”

“Some people never live a day in a lifetime. I live a lifetime in a day.”

“I love encouraging people to read great books. You can travel the world and the universe if you just go to your local library and choose a book to read. I tell my children you must read to lead.”

“I have been recommending Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich to almost everybody I have met since I first read it in 1967. It is the master key to anyone who wants to succeed.”

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