Don Johnsons Music Career and “Heartbeat”

Don-Johnson - Guitar

While being on the hit tv series Miami Vice, Don Johnson also had some success on the music scene, releasing two albums in the 80′s, in 1986 and 1989, including the hit single “Heartbeat” which went high up the ‘Billboard 100′ charts.

Although Don Johnson proved himself with his singing abilities he was also involved in the producing and co-writing of a number of other songs and albums.

All in all Don had three hits on the Hot 100 singles charts:

“Heartbeat” (US #6, 1986)

“Heartache Away” (US #56, 1986)

“Til I Loved You” – Barbra Streisand duet (US #25, 1989)

While releasing three albums in total:

“Heartbeat” – Epic Records (November 11 1986)

“Let it role” – Epic Records (September 20 1989)

“The Essential” – Sony (January 20 1997)

Overall Don Johnson was more of a musical success in Europe than the United States, reaching higher positions in the charts in various European countries and as bonus for him, the popular Finnish music group ‘Don Johnson Big Band’ is named after him!

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