Don Johnsons Lawsuit


2001 – A 36 year old woman accused Johnson of being intoxicated and squeezing and bruising her wrist, while lewdly propositioning her outside a restroom at restaurant Mas Sake in San Francisco, while he sang from his hit single “Heartbeat”.  It’s said the woman’s friends made their way over to confront Don Johnson, but when he saw them he quickly fled out of the back door, said the women.  Johnson stated he was considering buying an advert in the San Francisco Chronicle to make his side of the story clear, but instead posted about the issue on his website.  In the end there was insufficient evidence and so no charges were filed.

2002 – German customs officers at the Swiss-german border found bank statements showing $8 billion in transactions in the trunk of his car in a routine check.  He was driving a black Mercedes-Benz at the time, carrying an investment adviser, a personal assistant and a third unknown identity.  At first it was suspected that Johnson was involved in money laundering, but in the end he was cleared.  Johnson explained the incident by saying “I was meeting with some American businessmen in Zurich for financing, for a film fund that I was putting together for my company. They gave me some bank statements and some resumes and some other documents, some things to prove that they could perform as investors.”

2008 -Johnson came very close to losing his home in Woody Creek, Colorado, he paid off $14.5 million worth of debts 24 hours before a scheduled action of the property took place.

2010 – Johnson was awarded $23.2 million by a Los Angeles jury in a lawsuit against the ‘Rysher Entertainment’ production company, who Johnson sought a share of profits commensurate with ownership of half the rights for Nash Bridges.

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