Don Johnson – Ferrari’s and Boats


Don Johnson enjoyed his vehicles, whether they be cars or boats.  So here’s one for the real fans.  A little on Don Johnsons car history.

While Don got to enjoy driving the Daytona and then the brilliant white Ferrari Testarossa on the Miami Vice set, while arriving to work often in his boat, Don was actually given a Ferrari Testarossa by Enzo Ferrari as an gesture of appreciation for all his great work on “Miami Vice”.

In 1985 during the height of Miami Vice, Don made a trip to Germany, Stuttgart to personally order his own Porsche  959 from the Porsche factory, now that’s what you call a car enthusiast.

But aside from driving flash cars, Don Johnson was not only able to steer high speed boats on the set of Miami Vice to catch bad guys, he actually won the 1988 APBA Offshore World Cup in the Superboat class.  Along with this he had a boat named after him.

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