Don Johnson and Celebrity Friends


While some might think Don Johnson was a Miami Vice one hit wonder, it’s not the case, Don has made some solid connections as far show biz goes, aside from going onto creating some musical hits and appearances in other programmes and theatres.

Don Johnson is known to be good friends with the likes of Hollywood tough guys like Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone, along with other  major celebritites like Kevin Costner, Robert Wagner and Jack Nicholson.  Of course he was also in a relationship with the famous singer Barbara Steisand.

While he wasn’t mingling with his pals in Hollywood, Don Johnson was often grabbing the attention of the media.  One well known incident that caused a big media frenzy and uproar was when he didn’t wear socks to a meeting with then U.S. President Ronald Reagan.

Johnson said in his defense: “I’ve always said that for me, a sports jacket over a t-shirt is good enough for meeting anyone, except the Queen. As for the socks, well, I must confess that I simply don’t own a pair anymore. See, I live in Miami.”.  Looks like Don took the Sonny Crockett persona off the stage.

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