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Miami Vice Fan Convention 2012

Alex over at A.LL Events spoke to me earlier this week asking me to remind everyone about the very cool “Miami Vice French Twist 2″ fan convention happening in Paris on the 15th-16th September 2012.

Don Johnsons Lawsuit

2001 – A 36 year old woman accused Johnson of being intoxicated and squeezing and bruising her wrist, while lewdly propositioning her outside a restroom at restaurant Mas Sake in San Francisco, while he sang from his hit single “Heartbeat”.

Philip Thomas – Ricardo Tubbs – Trivia

Here are some more of those random completely useless facts and trivia that we all like to read. This time it’s Philip Micheal Thomas, who played Ricardo Tubbs.

Philip Micheal Thomas – The Psychic Readers Network

After Miami Vice, like the rest of Miami Vice cast, Philip Micheal Thomas got busy with new things – and of course making more money. During 1994, Thomas signed an agreement wit the Psychic Reader’s Network, which later changed to Traffix Inc.

Edward James Olmos – Star Trek, Scarface and More

Edward James Olmos has always been very selective about his roles, which is clear from the way he’d turn down major roles that were clear to go on to be successes. Whether he turned them down because of a moral stance or because he didn’t want to become associated with a particular type of role.

Edward James Olmos Quotes

Good old Lt. Martin Castillo, played by Edward James Olmos, always had a sense of timeless wisdom to him. EJO is well known from not only Miami Vice, but also if not moreso, from Battlestar Galactica. Let’s hear what EJO has to share with us.

Phillip Micheal Thomas Quotes

Phillip Micheal Thomas, as Ricardo Tubbs used to have some classic lines in Miami Vice, but Phillip, known as PMT, has had some classics off the set too. Check out the below quotes.

Don Johnson – Ferrari’s and Boats

Don Johnson enjoyed his vehicles, whether they be cars or boats. So here’s one for the real fans. A little on Don Johnsons car history. While Don got to enjoy driving the Daytona and then the brilliant white Ferrari Testarossa on the Miami Vice set.

Don Johnson and Celebrity Friends

While some might think Don Johnson was a Miami Vice one hit wonder, it’s not the case, Don has made some solid connections as far show biz goes, aside from going onto creating some musical hits and appearances in other programmes and theatres.

Don Johnson – After Miami Vice

Don Johnson has been involved in many projects over the years, some even getting him into some ‘Miami Vice’ style adventures of his own. But here’s a few things that Donnie Wayne Johnson got his hands in over the years.

Don Johnsons Children

Along with his busy schedule Don Johnson has fathered 5 children. Check out some of the details we have on his family life!

Don Johnsons Music Career and “Heartbeat”

While being on the hit tv series Miami Vice, Don Johnson also had some success on the music scene, releasing two albums in the 80′s, in 1986 and 1989, including the hit single “Heartbeat” which went high up the ‘Billboard 100′ charts.